Our main mission is to assist in the training of new professionals, in the various Undergraduate Courses offered by ESALQ / USP, without disregarding the training of masters and doctors through the Graduate Program in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry and in other programs in which our Teachers are accredited.

We aim to be a reference and center of excellence in teaching, research and extension in the areas of interest, with a view to the current and future needs of our country, through ethical, transparent, collaborative and responsible work in teaching, research and extension.

Phyllomedusa - Journal of Herpetology

Phyllomedusa - Journal of Herpetology

PHYLLOMEDUSA publishes original research articles, short communications and review papers concerning the whole field of Herpetology. PHYLLOMEDUSA also maintains sections for Book Reviews. Manuscripts will be... More

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Este livro traz as informações básicas para quem precisa identificar plantas nativas do Brasil, desde uma explicação sobre os principais termos morfológicos, incluindo alguns aspectos sobre nomenclatura e ferramentas básicas de identificação. Ele é fruto de 30 anos de experiência como professor... Leia mais



Globally, eutrophication and warming of aquatic ecosystems has increased the frequency and intensity of cyanobacterial blooms and their associated toxins, with the simultaneous detection of multiple cyanotoxins often occurring. Despite the co-occurrence of cyanotoxins such as microcystins and... Ler mais

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