Welcome to the website of the Biological Sciences Department of the "Luiz de Queiroz" School of Agriculture!

Our Department was established on December 1, 1998, during the departmental reform process of the University of São Paulo; Known by the acronym LCB is the result of the merger of the Department of Botany with the Department of Chemistry of the then Department of Chemistry.

Currently the coordination of the Undergraduate Course in Biological Sciences is carried out by professor of this Department. However, our participation in undergraduate teaching activities is directed to all other courses of this School, attending an approximate contingent of 1,100 undergraduate students per year.

In the Graduate School, we hosted the Graduate Program in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, considered as "Level 5" by CAPES, an organ of the Ministry of Education.

We seek to educate and train, offering a variety of opportunities for the student to participate in internships in our laboratories, allowing a broad knowledge of laboratory and field practice. We also offer other opportunities for participation in university extension activities (environmental adaptation of rural properties, restoration of riparian forests, taxonomic and anatomical identification of plants, projects to assist rural producers in micropropagation of plants, training of laboratory technicians, program of monitored visits and many other activities).

In research, we aim to develop activities in the areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Plant Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology. For further information on the research lines lines developed here.

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  • Prof. Dr. Alexandre Reis Percequillo - Head of Department
  • Prof. Dr. Helaine Carrer - Vice Head of Department
  • Camilla Saciloto Trevisan - Secretary


Members of the LCB in ESALQ Commissions

Culture and University Extension

  • Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alfredo Kluge (holder)
  • Prof. Dr. Flávio Bertin Gandara Mendes (substitute)


  • Prof. Dr. Flávio Bertin Gandara Mendes (holder)
  • Prof. Dr. Nubia Barbosa Eloy (substitute)


  • Prof. Dr. Maria do Carmo Bittencourt-Oliveira (holder)
  • Prof. Dr. Paulo José Pereira Lima Teixeira (substitute)


  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Scherer Moura (holder)
  • Prof. Dr. Paulo José Pereira Lima Teixeira (substitute)

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