Plant Anatomy and Morphology

  • Beatriz Appezzato da Glória

Plant morphology; Anatomy and ultrastructure of vegetative organs and structure obtained in vitro; Histological characterization of in vitro plant regeneration pathways; Morphoanatomy of underground systems; Anatomy and ultrastructure of plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions

  • Marcílio de Almeida

Plant anatomy and morphology; Plant morphogenesis; Reproductive biology of angiosperms; Scanning and transmission electron microscopy; Plant histology


Biochemistry and Biotechnology

  • Ana Paula Jacobus

Genomics and experimental evolution of yeasts

  • Daniel Scherer de Moura

Study and characterization of peptide hormones in plants; Study and characterization of genes involved in plant-insect interaction

  • Helaine Carrer

biochemistry; Molecular biology of plants; Biotechnology and molecular biology of organelles; Molecular biology of plant-microorganism interaction; Genomics and bioinformatics


Systematic Botany

  • Lindolpho Capellari Júnior

Plant systematics; Species identification; Floristic survey; Medicinal, toxic and aromatic plants; Botanical illustration

  • Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues

Systematics and plant ecology; Identification of forest species; Floristic, ecological and phytosociological survey of natural formations; Forest succession; Forest dynamics; Reproductive biology of tree species; Restoration and restoration of degraded areas

  • Maria do Carmo Bittencourt de Oliveira

Toxic cyanobacteria: molecular ecology, ecophysiology, taxonomy and molecular phylogeny; Molecular techniques for detection of cyanotoxins; Action of toxins on organisms; Freshwater microalgae: taxonomy and cultivation; Structure and function of phytoplankton in Northeastern reservoirs


Plant Ecology

  • Flávio Bertin Gandara Mendes

Agroecology; Ecological restoration; Ecology and Ecology of Plant Populations

  • Sergius Gandolfi

Plant ecology; Ecology of communities; Dynamics of native forests; Recovery of degraded areas; ecological succession; Light patterns in native forests; Floristic and phytosociological surveys; Floristic and phytosociology


Plant Physiology

  • Fábio Tebaldi Silveira Nogueira

Biotechnology, regulatory RNAs and their biological roles in plant development and stress response

  • Lázaro Eustáquio Pereira Peres

plant physiology; Hormonal control of the development of plant organs; Interaction of plant hormones and stress; Competition for in vitro regeneration

  • Ricardo Alfredo Kluge

plant physiology; Postharvest physiology of fruits and vegetables; Physiology and biochemistry of minimally processed vegetables

  • Ricardo Ferraz de Oliveira

Physiology and plant productivity; Mathematical models applied to the plant community; Quantification of water in the soil-atmosphere system; photosynthesis


Zoologia de Vertebrados

  • Alexandre Reis Percequilo

Taxonomy of mammals; Regional faunas - Atlantic Forest of NE of Brazil; Taxonomy and systematics of sigmodontine rodents; Biogeography of sigmodontine; Mastofaunistic studies; Morphology of sigmodontine rodents; Taxonomy and systematics of sigmodontine rodents

  • Jaime Aparecido Bertoluci

Herpetology (amphibian and reptile biology); Vertebrate zoology; Herpetofauna of savannah, and Atlantic forest; Ecology, behavior and conservation of freshwater chelonians; Ecology, behavior and conservation of amphibians

Research Interests