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Previous research papers

Papers published from 1995 to 2016

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Year: 2016

Almeida, Juliana et. al. Down-regulation of tomato PHYTOL KINASE strongly impairs tocopherol biosynthesis and affects prenyllipid metabolism in an organ-specific manner. Journal of Experimental Botany, v.67, n.3, p.919-934, feb. 2016.  

Alves, Cristiane S. et. al. Genome-wide identification and characterization of tRNA-derived RNA fragments in land plants. Plant Molecular Biology, v.93, n.1, p.35-48, jan. 2016.  

Bittencourt-Oliveira, Maria do Carmo et. al. The effect of saxitoxin and non-saxitoxin extracts of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) on cyanobacteria and green microalgae. Journal of Applied Phycology, v.28, n.1, p.241-250, Feb. 2016.  

Bittencourt-Oliveira, Maria do Carmo et. al. Lettuce irrigated with contaminated water: Photosynthetic effects, antioxidative response and bioaccumulation of microcystin congeners. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, v.128, p.83-90, jun. 2016.  

Carvalho, Marcia Eugenia Amaral et. al. Os retardadores de crescimento vegetal são uma estratégia para diminuir o acamamento e aumentar a produção de girassol?. Comunicata Scientiae, Bom Jesus-PI, v.7, n.1, p.154-159, jan.-mar. 2016.  

Filartiga, Arinawa Liz et. al. Secretory duct distribution and leaf venation patterns of Aldama species (Asteraceae) and their application in taxonomy., v.97, n.12, p.1161-1170, dec. 2016.  

Jindo, Keiji et. al. Phosphorus speciation and high-affinity transporters are influenced by humic substances. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, v.179, n.2, p.206-214, apr. 2016.  

Liu, Mingchun et. al. Comprehensive Profiling of Ethylene Response Factor Expression Identifies Ripening-Associated ERF Genes and Their Link to Key Regulators of Fruit Ripening in Tomato. Plant Physiology, v.170, n.3, p.1732-1744, mar. 2016.  

Lorenzi, Adriana Sturion et. al. Draft Genome Sequence of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) Strain ITEP-A1 Isolated from a Brazilian Semiarid Freshwater Body: Evidence of Saxitoxin and Cylindrospermopsin Synthetase Genes. Genome Announcements, v.4, n.3, p.0-0, may.-jun. 2016.  

Lusa, Makeli G. et. al. Characterization and evolution of secondary metabolites in Brazilian Vernonieae (Asteraceae) assessed by LC-MS fingerprinting. Botanical Journal of Linnean Society, v.182, n.3, p.581-593, 2016.  

Medeiros, Ane H. et. al. Sugarcane Serine Peptidase Inhibitors, Serine Peptidases, and Clp Protease System Subunits Associated with Sugarcane Borer (Diatraea saccharalis) Herbivory and Wounding. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, v.17, n.9, p.1444-1444, sep. 2016.  

Melo, Nielda K.G. et. al. Nitric Oxide, Ethylene, and Auxin Cross Talk Mediates Greening and Plastid Development in Deetiolating Tomato Seedlings. Plant Physiology, v.170, n.4, p.2278-2294, apr. 2016.  

Morea, Edna Gicela Ortiz et. al. Functional and evolutionary analyses of the miR156 and miR529 families in land plants. BMC Plant Biology, v.16, n.40, p.1-13, 2016.  

Ortiz-Morea, Fausto Andres et. al. Danger-associated peptide signaling in Arabidopsis requires clathrin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Washington-USA, v.113, n.39, p.11028-11033, 2016.  

Souza, Thais P. et. al. Comparative analysis of expression profiling of the trypsin and chymotrypsin genes from Lepidoptera species with different levels of sensitivity to soybean peptidase inhibitors. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, v.196, p.67-73, jul. 2016.  

Tessmer, Magda Andréia; Appezzato-da-Glória, Beatriz; Antoniolli, Lucimara Rogéria. Influence of growing sites and physicochemical features on the incidence of lenticel breakdown in 'Gala and 'Galaxy' apples. Scientia Horticulturae, v.205, n.23, p.119-126, 2016.  

Tessmer, Magda Andréia et. al. Microstructural changes while persimmon fruits mature and ripen. Comparison between astringent and non-astringent cultivars. Postharvest Biology and Technology, v.120, p.52-60, oct. 2016.  

Zandonadi, Daniel Basílio et. al. Plant proton pumps as markers of biostimulant action. Scientia Agricola, Piracicaba/SP, v.73, n.1, p.24-28, jan.-feb. 2016.